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In accordance with the State of West Virginia Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention Regulations enacted April 1, 1976, the Central Hampshire Public Service District initiated a cross-connection and backflow prevention program in 2017.

Backflow is a reversal of normal flow in a drinking water distribution system. Normally, water flows from the water company’s public water distribution (piping) system into your home or business. During backflow, water flows from your plumbing system back into your home or business, and any contaminants that are picked up while the water is in your plumbing system could contaminate the water in the public water supply. Backflow may occur due to either a build-up of pressure that overcomes the pressure of the public water supply or to a loss of pressure in the distribution system that causes water to be siphoned from your plumbing system.

For backflow to occur, a cross-connection must exist. Two types of cross-connections exist; the direct connection and the submerged inlet. A direct connection is created by connecting one pipe to another pipe or container. A submerged inlet is a connection where incoming water enters a container below water level. The presence of either of these cross-connections may require that a backflow prevention device be installed on your premises.

As part of our program, we will inspect your facility/home for the presence of cross-connections and determine the degree of hazard present, if any. After the inspection, you will be notified in writing of the results of the survey and any corrective action that you must take. You may be required to remove existing cross-connections or install backflow prevention devices. The cost of correcting any cross-connections is the responsibility of the property or business owner.

The implementation of this program was required by Federal and State Statute. It is to ensure that contaminated water from any customer does not inadvertently contaminate his/her neighbor’s water.

If you have any questions regarding the cross-connection policy, please contact Central Hampshire PSD at 304-496-8882. 

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