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The Central Hampshire Public Service District was created in 1977 to provide potable water to its customers. The PSD started out with 447 water customers. All of our water is purchased from the City of Romney. The original board members were Afton Malick, Jim Pyles, and Carl McBride. Once the PSD was organized Carl McBride left the board and became the first operator and his wife Louise McBride ran the office.

The PSD has come a long way from its humble beginning to the present day and we are still growing even in these trouble economic times. The board and management are 

always looking for ways to expand the system to benefit the citizens of Hampshire County and the business community.

The PSD is a branch of the county government. The PSD is totally self-supporting. We are a non-profit organization. The funds to run the PSD come from our rates we charge our customers. The rates are set by the WV Public Service Commission in Charleston, WV. We do not receive any grant money or tax money for the day-to-day operation of the PSD.


Central Hampshire Public Service District is dedicated to providing quality water and sewer service to all its customers.

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